6 Family Vacation Packing Essentials you Need to Know About

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From short road trips to full fledged summer vacations, family holidays can be a lot of fun, but for parents, it can also be a roller coaster ride. If you’ve always been struggling to get things done smoothly and have minimal (metaphorical) bumps along the way, here’s a bit of help your way. Keep reading to discover the 6 best family vacation packing essentials you absolutely need to have, to make sure you and your kids have a great time.

family vacation packing essentials

Games & Activities

If you’re traveling with kids, you’re bound to hear ‘I’m bored’ a billion times.To handle just that, you’ll need to carry along some entertainment essentials. From coloring pages to card and board games, you’ll find a lot of options to keep your little ones engrossed and hooked for the boring parts of the trip. And of course, when nothing else works, there’s obviously the option of electronic devices. 

Healthy Snacks

Hungry kids equal cranky kids, and cranky kids are the last thing you would want to include in your family vacation packing. Carry with you some snacks (opt for healthy ones as much as you can) and you should be sorted! Nuts and dried fruits, snack bars, cereal, crackers and string cheese are some great snack ideas. 

Colorful Clothes

Packing light isn’t the only tip you should attempt to implement on your family vacation- it is more about packing right. If you’ve got younger kids, it makes a lot of sense to pack more of colorful clothes. Why- you might ask. Well, that’s simply because it gets a lot more easier to spot kids who are dressed in reds and oranges than to look for a lost kid in a sea of blacks and whites. This tip can be really helpful if you’re heading off to a crowded place such as a theme park! 

Ziploc & Trash Bags

Trash bags and ziplocs will be your literal lifesaver when you’re traveling with kids. They’ll save you from all the mess on a road trip, and it’ll be a lot easier for you to handle all the waste as well. They can also be used to separate your dirty laundry from the fresh clothes in your bag, to throw the wet swimsuits and clothes into. Plus, they can also double up as a bag to throw up in if there’s a case of motion sickness. 

A Backpack

A backpack is another absolute must for your family vacation packing. Sure, you might have your luggage bags all packed and ready to go, but having a backpack can help you carry some snacks, a portable charger, a water bottle and some playing cards or other small entertainment items on the go. Think of it as your mini survival package. You’ll be surprised at how much easier things will be when you have this along. Our favorite backpacks are the ones picture below. You can find them HERE.

kids carrying osprey backpack

A First Aid Kit

Last, but definitely not the least, make sure you carry a first aid kit with you as well. Think band aids and cotton pads to basic medications and pain relievers. Make sure you carry a little of each with you in a small box or container- just in case. Thankfully, now you don’t need to run around like a headless chicken trying to find cold pills for your little one who just can’t seem to stop sneezing. 

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